Maximize Your Dog’s FUN With Daycare!

Once your application form is filled out (below), you will receive an email from us with a designated time slot to begin the introduction process. When you arrive, you can leave your dog(s) knowing we will slowly introduce them to other dogs in order to create the best daycare plan for them. 

This is where The Dog Company is so unique! Does your dog prefer small play groups? Does your dog prefer only human-dog play time? Does your dog love large play groups? We can accommodate all of these with our various runs within our 14,000+ square feet of play space!

After the introduction, your dog can stay for a half day (up to 5 hours) or a full day. Whatever works best for you & your dog! We want their first day to be a positive experience.

All dogs must be dropped off by 1pm for daycare.

Puppies under 6 six months of age receive 1 complimentary daycare day! 

Daycare Application

Owner Name *
Owner Name
Phone *
Is your dog: *
We do accept intact dogs as long as females are not in heat. Dogs that hump a lot will be given breaks.
Up-to-date of vaccines: *
The following vaccinations are required in order for your dog to visit our facility.
We guide the dogs through gates via collars.
We have 6 foot fences. If your dog jumps the fence The Dog Company Inc. cannot be held liable.
Dogs are crated during their lunch break and for small breaks. Other options are available but they are limited during the daycare day.
This can include special needs (medication, past injuries, etc).