What do i need to bring/know for my dog when they board with you?

  • Quick release collar: If you do not have a quick release collar, we sell various styles in our store. If your dog wears a harness, they may wear it, however, it will need to stay on for their entire stay. This can be uncomfortable for your dog, therefore we highly recommend a collar instead.

  • Leash: No longer than 6 feet and retractable leashes are not permitted.

  • Food: A container or large Ziplock bag with their name on it is preferred. A large Ziplock bag will fit in their designated bin and can easily be reused and containers stack nicely for a neat and organized feeding area. Help us reduce the amount of plastic going into our landfill!

  • Frozen or Chilled Food: We have a deep freeze and fridge to store any food that is frozen or needs to be refrigerated.

  • Feeding Amount: We measure all food in cups (except raw patties). Please know how much (in cups) your dog(s) eats and how frequent. If your dog is free fed, we will gladly accommodate that by giving frequent meal breaks for grazing.

  • Bed/Blanket: Please keep in mind where your dog will be sleeping (crate or suite). A large bed can make a crate very cramped and we want your dog as comfortable as possible!

  • Medication: Upon check-in, a team member will go over any medication your dog is on. This will include: type, frequency, why your dog needs this medication, and dosage.

  • Vaccines: If your dog has received vaccines since we last saw you, please bring in the new records so we can keep your file up-to-date!


  • Bowls: We only use slow feed bowls for our guests and they are washed daily to avoid cross contamination and bacteria growth. If you have your own slow feed puzzle bowl that you would prefer your dog eat from, we will certainly accomodate.

  • Food Scoop: We have plenty of food scoops here that are cleaned regularly for us to measure your dog’s food. If your dog has allergies, let us know and we will designate a scoop to them to avoid cross contamination.

  • Toys: We don’t allow toys in the yards with the dogs and we have balls and kongs that are easily washed to use when playing with dogs individually. Although your dog may not eat toys when they are home, their behaviour can be different at our facility. Please limit toys to ONE (1) per dog that your dog can enjoy without supervision. Bring at own risk.

  • Multiple Beds/Blankets: Too many beds/blankets can make your dog’s space cramped and uncomfortable. We are a busy facility and don’t have the space to house more than one bed per dog.

where will my dog sleep?

Your dog will sleep in an individual crate or, if available, a suite in our arena. The dogs sleep individually, unless from the same family. 

Is there staff on site at night?

Yes! We have a staff member on site to ensure all the dogs are happy & comfortable at our facility.

why can’t I pick up my dog anytime during weekends/holidays?

Boarding can be stressful on dogs. When they see daycare dogs getting picked up, it can make them even more anxious. The designated pick up times on weekends and holidays are in place so the dogs can enjoy a more peaceful day after all the commotion of the week.

is it normal for my dog to be exhausted after boarding?

Exhaustion is very normal after a dog stays with us because they have been so active and busy! Don't be alarmed if your normally hyper pup sleeps for 2-3 days after they go home. This is completely normal and they will be back to their bouncy selves in no time. 

do you require a meet & greet before boarding?

We may require trial daycare or overnight stay, if your dog has behavioural issues or has never been boarded before. We have a detailed form here that gives us a great history on your dog and their behaviour. In order to keep everyone safe and happy, we must ensure that your dog is comfortable being handled by our staff and are not overly stressed in our care. We always slowly introduce dogs to everything, going at the pace that makes your dog comfortable. We want your dog's stay to be as stress-free as possible!

What does a day in the life of a boarding dog look like?

Boarding dogs have tons of fun when they stay with us! They are let out at 6:30am to potty and stretch their legs. Shortly after they go in their individualized spaces for their breakfast. At 8:30am they are let out to play until lunch/break. If they don't eat lunch or are not overly tired, they stay out in the group with their other buddies during this time. Lunch is 1.5 hours to ensure their stomachs have digested and we reduce their risk of bloat as much as possible. After lunch, they play until 5:30pm. Then they have their supper, rest and have their final potty break before being tucked in for the night between 8-9pm. 

How far in advance do i need to book for a boarding stay?

We recommend reserving your dog's spot at least one week in advance for our non-peak season. For our peak season (holidays and June-August), we recommend booking 3-4 weeks in advance.  

What is an introduction day?

An introduction day is your dog's first day of daycare. You will come in, go over some paperwork (vaccines, waiver, etc) and the rest is up to us! You will leave your dog with us and we will slowly introduce him/her to the group, monitoring your dog's comfort level with each new dog that is added to their group. If at anytime your dog is uncomfortable, we will make the group smaller and your dog can build their confidence. 

If your dog prefers human interaction more than dogs, we can set that up for him/her! We want every dog to enjoy their time with us and have a safe place to play.

If you're a new client looking to sign your dog up for daycare, you can fill out our application here and we will get back to you with an intro day.

If you're an existing client for our other services, call us to set up an introduction day for your dog: (902) 835-8677

how do i know my dog(s) are in great hands?

We work diligently to provide the best care for our clients! Between Ariana & Stephanie, they own six dogs (small - large breeds). We treat every dog with the same level of care we would expect for our own dogs. We keep up to date with the industry by attending seminars, researching ourselves and also coordinating with Hammonds Plains Veterinary Hospital about protocols we have in place. The Dog Company is a clean, friendly and positive environment that works with your dog and their personality. We accept all breeds and personalities!

If you would like to know more about our education, owners & staff, please click here.

how does boarding get charged?

Boarding with us is $40/night or $30/each for 2+ dogs of the same household. The includes daycare all day, overnight care and daycare up to 10am the next day. After 10am on pick up days only, an additional daycare charge will incur. We don't charge extra for administering medication and we can accommodate all meal plans (including raw)!

Example #1: Drop Fido off at 4pm on Thursday afternoon and pick him up on Friday at 12pm, the total cost is $40(boarding)+$20(half day of daycare)=$60 plus tax.

Example #2: Drop Fido off at 6:30am on Thursday morning and pick him up on Friday at 10am, the total cost is $40(boarding) plus tax.