Originally from Truro, Nova Scotia, Stephanie has always had a passion for dogs. She became fascinated about learning breed-specific traits, characteristics and behaviour. She is drawn to the charisma of bully breeds, with French Bulldogs being her favourite. 

As one of the owners and operators of The Dog Company, Stephanie is a graduate of the Business Management: Pet Specialty program at Dalhousie University.  Throughout the course of her diploma and upon graduation, she has been trained under the supervision of the well-respected Heather A. Logan.  She graduated from Heather's specialty service dog trainers course, and successfully placed her first service dog with a Canadian veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Stephanie holds certificates in Animal Care and Training behaviour, Level One Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis, Level One Teaching, and she is a Certified Service Dog Trainer.  

Stephanie continues to educate herself about dog training and behaviour to provide the best service and care to you and your dog. 

Read about how Stephanie and Ariana met and how The Dog Company began at: http://www.dal.ca/faculty/agriculture/we-are-agriculture/our-alumni/stephanie-bagnell.html