Ariana and her dogs: Dakota, Bentley, Finn & Emmi

Ariana and her dogs: Dakota, Bentley, Finn & Emmi


Originally from Stephenville, NL, Ariana has always been an animal enthusiast. She grew up in an animal-filled household, but her favorite was always her dogs and her horse, Brandi.

 In 2014, she moved to Truro, NS to complete a Diploma in Business Technology: Pet Specialty at Dalhousie University. She has always had passion for dogs and animal training, and after meeting Stephanie at school- who was training a service dog at the time- she knew she wanted to expand her knowledge of the dog industry.

She obtained her Animal Care & Training and Level One: Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis Certifications. In September 2015, Ariana began training her Labrador Retriever, Bentley, to be a service dog, achieving their certification in March of 2016. Ariana continues to expand her knowledge not only on the welfare and training of pet dogs, but also the use and training of working dogs and breeding Labrador Retrievers. 

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